Friday, October 18, 2013

Semester Break XD

Hello readers,

How are you ? Okeyy, actually I have nothing to write but at least sebab dah lama tak update this blog, so now, I just want to share about my semester break experiences . HEHE :)

8th October, 2013 - was my last paper for semester 5 which is finance ( investment analysis )

Serious talk, for the first time learn this subject in my class, i feel like " erghhhhh ! why there is soooooooo difficult ?! i have know nothing ! "
But, there is just first expression for that subject . But i realize, I need to do more exercise [ not senaman tu ehh ? jangan salah faham pulakk :P ] to catch up all thing that I left behind . After that, Alhamdulillah I can understand what actually investment analysis is .
However, this semester was my tough sem . Anyway, I just hope something miracle happen to my result because I have try my best during final exam . Amin ~

Okey, stop for final. Next is Hari Raya Aidiladha . Even that was late to wish, I still want to wish : 
" Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha for all muslims around the world "
I celebrated Raya Qurban at my kampung kat Malacaa . Meriah gilaa . Best kot dah lama tak balik kampung, jarang cuti laa katakan . HEHE . Macam - macam ade * tetiba lapar pulak * 
About the 2nd day of raya, aku belajar buat kerepek bawang . Actually dah pernah buat before ni tapi this time aku start from first step . Berkobar - kobar semangat nk belajar + resepi dari nenek . But, there is not easy like people think sebab dia perlukan ketelitian yang tinggi . 
Buat benda ni around 2 1/2 hours sebab banyak jugak step dia . Penat gilaa tp tersangat laa puas hati bila hasilnya ade depan mata . Ye dakk ?
Sekian :) 

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